Mystic Anchor Temporary Tattoo

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These amazing temporary tattoos from BratTats are perfect for any kid wanting some ink like the adults in their life. Whether it be mum, dad, their aunts & uncles or even the close family friends. They are great for special occasions, parties, themed events, and hanging out with friends. They can be put on arms, legs or any other part of the body. Easy to apply & remove, there is a design for everyone. 

Mystic Anchor is a gorgeously colourful design. Featuring a galaxy printed anchor with ethereal, watercolour birds behind it.

Dimensions - 17.5cm x 14cm

✯ The skin will feel tight when the arm is moved in certain positions after being applied. This feeling goes away quickly after moving a bit. Running water over the tattoo helps.
✯ The tattoo may crack depending on placement and mobility of limbs.
✯ Tattoos will last up to a week depending on the child’s lifestyle.
✯ Removing- Simply use baby oil and rubbing alcohol to safely and gently remove the tattoo.
✯ Is it safe? As safe as your contouring kit! The FDA requires that water transfer temporary tattoos only include pigments that have been approved for cosmetics. BratTats tattoos are non-toxic and safe for direct dermal contact.

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