Mysterio Predicts Crate

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What will the future hold? Why wait to find out!? Let the critically acclaimed mentalist, Mysterio, predict what fabulous future awaits your baby! This Mysterio Predicts crate is the perfect baby shower gift. Every parent wants to know what is coming up in their child's life. And now they can! 


Mysterio's Keepsake Chest Includes:

  • Mysterio's famous, Future Predicting T-shirt (fits 0-12 months) 
  • "A Future Just For You"
    Mysterio's illustrated tale of life's possibilities (28 page picture book) 
  • Mysterio's Enchanted Spinning Top
    Channel his powers through this foretelling, spinning device
  • The Amazing Ask-O-Meter
    Receive definitive answers to life's important yes or no questions
  • The Incredible Achieve-O-Tron
    Predicts the age of baby's important Milestones
  •  Your own Mini Mysterio
    A very enchanted paper craft to create your personal mystic
  • Wooden Keepsake Chest
    A place to cherish the treasures of life's incredible journey. 


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