The Return Of Wry Baby

Posted on February 26 2019

The Return Of Wry Baby

Wry Baby was founded way back in 2000 by Dave & Kelly Sopp. They had a unique way of looking at the funnier side of having kids. And in time created a funky range of products to make you laugh your way through sleep deprivation & stinky nappies. Their vibrant, colourful onesies, or snapsuits as they have called them, are bound to make even the most stressed new parent. Here are some examples of the awesome oneies that are now available at Bump & Bunny. 

Wry Baby Wild Child OnesieWry Baby Complicated Onesie

In 2005, the team at Wry Baby started to venture into the world of books. The first one they created it the amazingly popular Safe Baby Handling Tips. Full of invaluable information for any new parent. This hilarious book is full of picture directions on what to do and what not to do when you have a new baby in the family. It makes an excellent baby shower gift. 

Safe Baby Handling BookSafe Baby Handling Book Inside

Since the amazing success with their first book they created another! This one is called The Nine and is a gorgeous pregnancy journal. It covers everything that happens during pregnancy. It is an awesome keepsake for any mum to be. It has areas to records pics from ultrasounds, pics of mum, changes in your body, mood, appetite. Pages to record the excitement of others in your life such as your significant other, parents, in laws. It is gorgeously comprehensive and will be amazing to look back on with your older children. 

The Nine Pregnancy JournalThe Nine Pregnancy Journal

their most successful creation so far is Mysterio. He came into existence in 2006. Mysterio is the most amazing psychic in existence. With his awesome baby tees, he can predict the future career of your little one. They come sealed in a calico bag so that you can open them together with the family, and all be equally surprised by the blessing (or curse) of knowing your child's future. They have also put together an amazing gift crate from Mysterio. This includes a future predicting tee, a book about the future, and many games to predict things such as when your child will hit their major milestones. And also the amazing Ask-O-Metre, which will answer all of life's most important yes/no questions. All this is packed up in a beautiful wooden gift crate. 

Mysterio Predicts TeeMysterio Predicts Crate

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