Six Bunnies @ Bump & Bunny

Posted on August 11 2017

Six Bunnies @ Bump & Bunny

Six Bunnies is a great brand of high quality kid's & baby's clothing & accessories. From baby onesies,

gift sets, bibs & pyjamas. To kids tees, leggings, dresses, backpacks & jackets. There is something for

everyone, ages 0-10. 


Six Bunnies baby onesies are great quality and always 100% cotton. With heaps of

different prints to choose from there is bound to be something you love! 

Six Bunnies Onesies Easy Rider, Been Inside, Ribcage, Trouble Maker

Six Bunnies gift sets are the perfect present for anyone who is expecting. There are

currently 9 different prints available to choose from. 

Six Bunnies Gift Sets Tattoo Shoppe Sugar Skulls Unicorns Kewpie Cupcake Cherry Garage

Pyjamas are awesome. Who doesn't love spending the day in their pjs! Six Bunnies have a

great range of pyjamas for the littlest member of your family to laze around in looking awesome. 

Six Bunnies Pyjamas Unicorns Skulls & Bones Sugar Skulls



And the bigger kids definitely shouldn't feel left out. They make an awesome range of

clothing and accessories for their kids range, covering ages 2-10. They have so many

different printed tees. Ranging from all over prints to graphic prints. There are unicorns,

skulls, punk, gothic & pretty. Everything is covered. 

Six Bunnies Kids Tees Shirts Love Unicorn Maneki Neko Pixel Skull Born To Rock And Roll

Six Bunnies leggings come in some great prints. From super bright ponies to awesome

nautical prints. 

Six Bunnies Leggings Beauty Nautica Pegasus Unicorns Cute Bats

Their dresses have also proved to be endlessly popular. They have so many different

prints and different styles as well. Long and short sleeved are available for different seasons. 

Six Bunnies Kids Dresses Rainbows Unicorns Party Animal Hospital Pegasus

And perfect for the colder months are Six Bunnies hoodies and varsity jackets. They

come in heaps of different styles and are just about the coolest kids jackets anywhere. 

Six Bunnies Varsity Jackets Hoodies Stay Gold Unicorns Metal Fan

As you can see, Six Bunnies have created some amazing kids clothing. This is only a very

small sample of what we have in stock of theirs and they are continually bringing out new

designs and styles. So make sure that you check back regularly and follow us on Facebook

so that you don't miss out on anything new! 

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