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Posted on June 10 2021

Akumu Ink @ Bump & Bunny
Akumu Ink have been a big player in alternative fashion for over a decade. Originally born in Montreal, Canada, it was founded in 2008. Joey and Aldora began designing, screen-printing, and selling individual t-shirts online from their humble two-bedroom apartment. The couple moved to California in 2014, where they toured the USA selling their merch at events non-stop for 5 years. In 2019 the nomadic owner-operated business relocated to Europe. Joey and Aldora are now experiencing the culture, seeing the world, and bringing all that inspiration back into their designs and merch. 
Joey & Aldora Akumu Ink
While being more well known among the alt fashion crowd for their adults clothing & accessories, their amazing gothic designs also find their way onto kids clothing. All of their amazing designs are available on these awesome gothic kids tees. So not only can your little gothlings wear these delightfully creepy designs, but it leaves the whole family open to matching designs!!
Akumu Ink Kids Tees
As well as the kids t-shirts, we also stock their amazing sticker packs. There are 4 different collections, each containing 10 designs. They are super high quality and can go everywhere to add a little more Akumu to your life. There is also a great collection of face masks. When it became apparent 18 months ago that face masks were going to become a keeper in general society, Akumu Ink jumped to it to make them reusable, safe, & look awesome. They have a select range of their designs on their face mask range. They come in 2 different sizes and each size has 2 different size settings. They have a pocket for filters and will suit anyone 10 & up. We also stock their amazing book Alice's Nightmare in Wonderland. This is an amazing new take on the classic Lewis Carroll novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It is a gorgeously dark take on the original, with all of the characters creepily redrawn in original Akumu Ink style. These designs can be found on heaps of their tees and other accessories. 
Akumu Ink Stickers Pins & Patches
Need something from them? While we only regularly stock the kids tees, we do run a special order every time we get more stock in. This means that if you want some matching adult gear, a specific kids design, a larger quantity or anything else from them, we can get it in for you! This will save you the crazy high shipping amount that it costs to get things to Aus from Europe. All you need to do is join our VIP Group and keep an eye out for the next special order call. We do these at least twice a year, if not more often. So hit us up if you want anything from the amazing minds of Akumu Ink.
Akumu Ink Kids Tees

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