Posted on April 28 2014


This is my first ever blog post and it will be a short sweet introduction. Just a quick post to introduce myself and let you know why I do what I do. And a little about the store. 

I found out in June last year that I was pregnant with my first child and as I started to show and need more & more maternity clothes I became disappointed, frustrated & annoyed at most of what was on offer. There was just nothing that suited my style and personality. And I wasn't going to change all of that just because I was becoming a mother. 

Inspired by one of my friends who runs the epic online alternative store Tragic Beautiful, I decided to start this business. I was sure that I was not the only one that was finding this area lacking. So I began my search for some great collections of maternity, babies & kids gear and came across some excellent items. These are just some of the brands that I have found so far and now bring to you: 

Hot Mama Ink - This is a great US based brand that create gorgeous tattoo-inspired prints on maternity clothing & accessories such as baby slings. 

Six Bunnies - These guys make some great baby onesies, rompers, playsuits and accessories such as bibs, hats & patches. They also have some super cute kids tees. 

Hotrod Hellcat - This is a great rockabilly brand that makes excellent prints on babies onesies & kids tees. 

Wry Baby - This brand is created by a US couple with an excellent sense of humour. They make some hilarious onesies & tees. They also have excellent accessories such as backpacks & great novelties like their Safe Baby Handling Book. 

Mamasan Apparel - This brand from America produces some absolutely gorgeous maternity wear. Very cool leggings, skirts & tops for all occasions. 

I hope to make this list much longer in the future. Searching out & supplying Australia with more and more great maternity, baby & kids clothing & accessories in one place for you. 

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